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Boho | Light Roast Coffee | It's a Vibe Collection

Boho | Light Roast Coffee | It's a Vibe Collection

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Indulge in the harmonious flavors of our Boho Light Roast Coffee, part of our exclusive "It's a Vibe" Collection. Crafted with utmost care, only ripe, red cherry coffee beans undergo the Anaerobic Natural processing method, resulting in a brew that's bursting with vibrant notes of fruit, complex florals, and zesty citrus. Sip on the enchanting combination of bright flavors and let the Boho spirit transport you to a world of delightful coffee experiences. With its smooth body and captivating aroma, this light roast is the perfect companion for those seeking a taste of pure coffee bliss. Experience the vibe and elevate your morning routine with Boho Light Roast Coffee today!

Key Features:

  • Part of our limited edition "It's a Vibe" Collection
  • Crafted from carefully selected ripe, red cherry coffee beans
  • Anaerobic Natural processing for vibrant fruit notes and complex florals
  • Bright fruity notes with complex florals and zesty citrus
  • Smooth body and captivating aroma
  • Elevate your morning routine with our specialty light roast

Ethiopia - Uraga Guji Anaerobic Natural Gr. 1

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