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The Dally Grind

Bad B | Dark Roast Coffee | It's a Vibe Collection

Bad B | Dark Roast Coffee | It's a Vibe Collection

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Unearth the intrigue of our Indonesian Dark Roast Sumatra, Bad B, a java journey like no other. This Sumatran delicacy radiates Flavor Notes of Brown Sugar and Dried Fruit, with a alluring clean aftertaste.

Full-bodied & smoky, "Bad B" is roasted to perfection for a robust cup & seductive smoky notes. Perfect for dark roast, espresso & unique blends. Low acidity & no bitterness make it velvety & rich. Get your pick-me-up to kickstart your day, an energizing espresso shot or try it in signature blends. Irresistible & versatile, "Bad B" will never let you down.

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